I’m Celia Wolff, a Th.D. candidate in Christian Scripture and Ethics at Duke University Divinity School. I’m a daughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunt and friend; also an equestrienne, gardener, foodie, hiker, runner, outdoors- and animal-lover. I’m apparently also an amateur artist—in the true etymological sense of the word “amateur,” namely, “one who loves.” My studies and the vocation I hope to pursue constitute an attempt to hold together the concerns and practices of the Christian church with those of the academy exactly because, as one of my mentors has said, “Theology is about God and everything else—and that’s all there is!” In the set of “everything else” that makes me who I am, the mountains, forests, fields, beaches and rivers of the Pacific Northwest are central. In this life, they will always be my true home. I’ve actually heard that heaven is a local phone call from northwest Washington state, so maybe the PNW will be my home in the next life, too!

My blog title has an intentional ambiguity, a literary pattern I learned from Luke the Evangelist.  The words themselves come from Luke’s second volume—Acts of the Apostles.  Throughout Acts, Luke characterizes those who follow Jesus and proclaim his lordship as Holy Spirit-empowered witnesses (see, e.g, Acts 1:8). I believe that this identity extends to those who would follow Jesus today, which is the principal thing I am trying to do in life.  But in Acts the Spirit also bears witness (Acts 5:32).  I hope that this space will serve as a point of intersection for listening to the Spirit’s witness and learning to be the Spirit’s witnesses.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the musings on the blog. Feel free to drop me a line below, either in the “contact” form or in the comment box below, if you please.


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